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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Collage Challenge - Weeks 15 and 16

Week 15

1) repeating pattern found in nature (magazine image of pink jewel anemone at top of page)
2) something in watercolor (lower left corner - a small watercolor doodle sent by a friend; 
watercolored flowers)
3) something musical (music paper; image of old Victrola)
4) piece of washi tape (floral washi in three places)
5) calendar page or portion of (calendar in lower right)
Bonus: doodle (doodled flowers; also printed paper with doodles)

Week 16

1) weather - whatever that means to you (photograph of a stormy, cloudy sky)
2) person (vintage image of girl)
3) handwriting (vintage paper with handwriting)
4) map (upper left corner)
5) a number (portion of bingo card and also stamped numbers)
Bonus: rubber stamping in 2 different colors (numbers stamped in navy blue and black; 
circles stamped in brown)

I also added some gold paint around the edges of this page to frame it.


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