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Monday, June 13, 2016

DLP unPlanner - June

June Theme - Unraveling the Past: Embracing New Beginnings

Monthly Divider

For this month's divider I used the Bo Bunny June divider included in the kit and added kraft paper to the center portion of the front. I used the month calendar already printed on the back. The spine is covered with collage paper which I have continued throughout the planner. I used an "Art Pop" card from Robyn Marie Smith for a pocket for my tag which has the month's theme on it.

Weeks 1 and 2 - Weekly View Calendars

For June I printed all the weekly calendars on white card stock. For Week 1 I watercolored the background with a Distress marker. The dates are stamped on white paper squares and glued to half-circle collage paper stickers. Added some stamping, doodles, stickers and done!

I left Week 2 white but collaged bits of a floral napkin in some areas. The dates are written on pennants punched from the inside of a security envelope. I added some washi tape, stickers and stamping. Simple but done.

As you read this, I will be flying to Vermont for a week. My Mom's 88th birthday (Wednesday) coincided with my 50th (!!) high school reunion on Saturday so how could I not go - even though I'm still recuperating from our last trip! 

Then on Sunday I will fly directly to Austin to babysit my two grandsons for a week while their parents go on a cruise celebrating a friend's wedding.  So, this will be my last post for a few weeks...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

DLP unPlanner - Monthly Pocket Picks

This month I combined my pockets for the PACs and my "monthly pocket picks."

This first photo shows the first two weeks' PACs in the top pockets and a DC postcard in the larger bottom pocket.
Front of page protector

Here are the last two week's PACs on top and ephemera from our US Capitol tours on the back of the postcard. I made a "flip" with two photos - one inside Congresswoman Grisham's office and one on the Capitol balcony - attaching with washi tape.

Back of page protector

Photo Flip

I used a second page protector without pockets and fused areas to fit my ephemera.
On the front I added some tags from some "happy mail," a shaker pocket with some shells from Florida, photos and bits and pieces from Orlando,  and our plane, train and subway tickets for DC.

Front of page protector

The back contains photos and a map of the National Mall in DC.  The map was long so I folded it in thirds and slit the side of the protector so it would fold up on the outside of the pocket. 

Back of protector with map folded

Here is the map unfolded (the back is attached to the ticket stubs).

And here is the back of the map covered with "under paper" and photos.

There was a lot to document this month and I'm happy to be caught up. Now on to June.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Catching Up... Documented Life unPlanner - May, Weeks 3, 4, 5

I've got a lot of catching up to do with my Documented Life unPlanner - several weeks' worth and many experiences to document!

May - Week 3

Weekly Calendar

List Ten - the prompt was to list ten songs that "make your feet move" but I changed it to my favorite songs (This is printed on the back of last week's "Dare 2B" card to save space.)

PAC: Art challenge - to use a circle sticker (I used three and embellished them. The background is made with Color Bursts.)

May - Week 4

Weekly Calendar (added a few photos from trip)

PAC: Art challenge - to incorporate favorite stamps

May - Week 5

Weekly Calendar (last two days of May)

This is only half a page (added to the back of a postcard).

Friday, June 10, 2016

Home Sweet Home

We're back from our "great American adventure" and I will attempt a short (?) recap here, focusing on photos.

We hosted our former Brazilian exchange student's sister and her husband for 2 1/2 weeks, touring several areas of the US with them. Of course, their top priority was visiting the Orlando theme parks so we started there.

After dropping Jo and Igor off at Universal Studios, we headed to The Villages about an hour away to spend a few days with friends.

Since our condo had an extra bedroom, Kelly, Josh and the boys joined us for three days.  We went to Cocoa Beach for two days and the boys loved the sand and surf! It was Mitchell's first time at the ocean.

Six days later we flew to Baltimore and took the train to Washington, DC.  We rented a lovely house within the city and John, Dana and their boys joined us for the week. We saw many of the iconic landmarks and museums.  John's aunt is a NM Congresswoman so we were treated to several "behind the scenes" tours of the White House, Library of Congress, US Capitol, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Drew's favorite part of the trip was riding the subway. Grant not so much!

The boys were troopers, except for a few one-year-old meltdowns!

One week later we flew to Albuquerque, spending the night with Dana and John, and then driving up to Buena Vista, Colorado to visit Bill's 91-year-old aunt and show Jo and Igor the mountains. There was still snow on the mountain-tops which amazed the Brazilians!

Three days later we parted ways at the Albuquerque Airport. Jo and Igor flew back to Brazil via Orlando and we returned home.

Whew! It was a whirlwind trip full of great experiences, fun times with family and friends and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Now back to the real world...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DLP unPlanner - May Week 2

Here is the weekly spread for the second week of May.

It was a fairly quiet week - no babysitting for a change!

I decided to do another Dare 2B card this month. I chose the words "patient" and "positive." We are about to leave on a 2 1/2 week adventure and I will need lots of patience and positive thoughts!

Our former exchange student's sister and her husband are arriving on May 22 in Orlando and we are meeting them there. They will visit the Disney parks and we will visit some friends there for a few days. Halfway through the week Kelly, Josh, Carl and Mitchell will arrive and stay for a few days to go to the beach.  

We will leave there on May 27, all four of us flying non-rev(!?) to Washington, DC for a week. Dana, John, Drew and Grant will spend that week with us touring DC.

Then we will fly to Albuquerque and drive the Brazilians up to Colorado to see the Rocky Mountains.    
Whew! You can see why I'm hoping for patience and positive thoughts with so many people and schedules involved.

For this month's Dare 2B card, I used collage paper for the spine, lightly watercolored the page and used the "waste" edge of the circle sticker sheet for the right side embellishment. A few stamps finished it off. 

The art challenge for the PAC this week was to use underpaper - the scrap paper you use to keep your work table clean or clean your brushes on. Usually this is thrown away but I like to keep many of mine as they end up so pretty!

Here's the card with the under paper adhered to it.

And here is the finished PAC. I added a few splotches of paint with a brush; stenciled with turquoise, purple and white paints and stamped with black. I doodled with black and white pens and used a portion of a Dyan Reaveley stamp for the sentiment.

I'm sure I will fall behind in the next several weeks due to the traveling. I am taking a small notebook to document the days so I won't forget and can transfer the information to the binder when I return. But I still will have a lot of catchup to do! And I hope to check in here sometimes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DLP unPlanner 2016 - May - Wk 1 PAC

The art challenge for this week's PAC is to add your name in a creative way.

Not sure what direction I was going to take, I just started by adding leftover alpha stickers to a blank card. These were mostly consonants and letters you don't often use and I just wanted to get rid of it (without throwing it away). This is what it first looked like.

Then I added a few coats of white gesso.

Next I blended several colors of Intense Blocks with water and a brush. I used these because they are permanent when dry.

The last few steps included adding a bit of yellow Distress Crayon and blending it in with my finger, painting over the letters of my name (totally unplanned, but they were all there!) and adding a ruffle of some cute fabric.  I outlined the letters in black and added Stickles to make my name pop. Done!

PS - If you look at the first photo you will notice that I really didn't have an "a" on there, but the "d" worked perfectly by just ignoring it's upper section.

Monday, May 9, 2016

DLP unPlanner 2016 - May - Wk. 1

May Theme - A Look Through My Eyes: Gaining New Perspectives

I've started a new binder! The first one held four months so I am hoping this one will too.

Here's my May divider page. As usual, I've added a pocket on the front (this time a real denim pocket from a child's pair of jeans) to hold a tag with the monthly theme. I thought the eye image downloaded from the internet went with the theme.

I printed the monthly calendar on the back of the divider to save space. Lots of stamped/doodled flowers and some washi tape. The pennants are cut from the May calendar that was included in the kit.

And Week 1. I stamped and embossed the dates and days of the week in white - love the look on the kraft paper. The scrolls are stenciled with yellow paint. You can see from my handmade LBH "stickers" that I was there quite a bit this past week! National Scrapbook Day/Week was busy for us.

I'm currently working on the PAC for the week.