"Art is my vehicle through life; may we share the ride together." Ron Wickersham

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Art Journal

I think life has finally slowed down a bit. I've caught up on all the boys' scrapbook layouts and finished the Hong Kong mini-album. So I spent some time these past few days getting back into my art journal - it's been months since I've done any art journaling!

I finished two pages. The first one had been started a long time ago with leftover paint added to the background and then a Jane Davenport napkin (the face) glued on. I finished it by painting in the face and adding washi tape and flowers cut from a magazine at the bottom.

The second I started anew. I had seen a You Tube video (from Let's Get Inkie) using scraps and leaving lots of white space - something I strive to do but usually get carried away with lots of mediums and colors building up on the background. This is very simple but I like it a lot, especially since I used many of my blue scraps of gelli-printed papers and painty paper towels. I like the quote too and need to keep that in mind!

Friday, February 22, 2019

My Hong Kong Album

I think I've finally recuperated from jet lag from our Hong Kong trip - it was much worse coming back than going though I'm not sure why!  Then last weekend we met up with the entire family in Albuquerque since our son, Will, was in the States on business. I had intended to come home on Monday night but all the flights were full so had to return on Tuesday. Since then I have been working on a little memory album for our trip - before I forget everything!

I used a Traveler's Notebook which is 4 1/4" wide by 8" tall. This is the cover which I covered with an old piece of Asian paper I had that is like tissue paper. It was just big enough to go over the front and back and I used gold washi tape on the edges to protect it. The title is stamped with one of my favorite alpha stamp sets - a calligraphy one from Concord & 9th stamp company.  The little dangle on the side is one of the little "jade" charms we bought - it's traditional to get one for good luck in the coming year.  (This one is my husband's - a rabbit; mine is on my keychain - an ox.)

This is a view of the finished book.

Inside front cover and first page - I just added my packing list over the inked page.

Pages 2 & 3 with ephemera from the plane and first photos at the airport and in the streets of Hong Kong. The line of food on the right is cut from the menu on board and I used it as a pocket for our boarding passes.

Pages 4 & 5 are photos of Will's apartment and some of the first night walking around 
to see many of the Chinese New Year decorations in the streets.

Pages 5 & 6 detail our visits to Tai Kwun, PMQ and Nan Lian Garden and Nunnery.  The brochure front from the Garden opens out to reveal photos and journaling.

Page 7 is painted green and documents our Harbor Cruise viewing the evening light show over the harbor. Page 8 is painted red and has our tickets from the tram ride to Victoria Peak.

 Pages 9 & 10 are about lots of the foods we ate during the trip.

Pages 11 & 12 are for the first two days of Chinese New Year.  Page 11 has a "lycee" tip-in which is one of the red and gold envelopes that everyone uses for money gifts to children, relatives and also anyone who has given you service throughout the year (tips). Inside the envelope I added a tag with journaling. 

The tip-in opens to reveal photos of the amazing fireworks over the city the second night. We went up a hiking trail on a mountain with friends to have a great view (and champagne!). The journaling on the gold page underneath documents our failed attempt to see the famous Buddha and the parade on the first night.

Page 12 documents our ferry ride and visit to a small fishing village, Cheung Chau, where we ate much of the street food and saw many stalls of dried and fresh fish.

Pages 13 & 14 shows our day at the horse races (traditional for third day of Chinese New Year) and a day trip to Macau.

   On  page 13 I used the race program cover that folds down to reveal some of our pay-out tickets.  
                          I covered the page with the betting papers and added photos.

I used the cover of a Macau tourist map for the tip-in on page 14. I covered the back with origami papers and photos. On the page I placed several photos of Macau and a small "lycee" with our Turbo Jet Ferry tickets to the island along with a tag with more photos.

Page 15 (left) has an old red and gold paper from my stash, a photo and info about the Man Mo Temple in the middle of the city. I covered the inside covers with old Chinese newspapers and on the back cover I have photos of me "learning" Chinese calligraphy with gold ink from Master Dereck Kwok who had a little stand near the temple.

And I put the piece I did (that's my name in Chinese) inside a glassine bag which is just tucked inside the page.

I am glad I finished this in a timely manner. Even then I forgot some of the details about the trip!  It's nice to have all the mementos gathered in one place with journaling added. Years from now this will be a great keepsake to revisit.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

More Altered Trading Coins

Remember my altered trading coins for a swap that I shared in this post?
I have now received two back from my swap partners. The theme was "love"
and I think they both are perfect.

The first one from Kris uses one of my favorite vintage images.

And the second from Teresa was decorated both front and back. I'm not sure 
which is which as they are both really nice.

This will be a monthly swap for the entire year and then we will be creating little 
books to display them in.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Back from Hong Kong

We returned home from ten days in Hong Kong last Saturday afternoon and are experiencing major jet lag! I've never flown longer than a 6-7 hour flight so going to (15+ hours) and coming from (12-13 hours) Hong Kong were killers. The time change didn't bother me when we went over, but coming back has been tough. I have my nights and days mixed up and getting nothing done!

Here are a few pics from the many we took - just enough to give you an idea of the amazing time we had. In addition to the usual crowds and attractions, last week was also Chinese New Year and it was crazy! My son also said that since the recent opening of the bridge from Hong Kong to mainland China there have been hordes of Chinese visitors.

First night - walking around town and seeing the CNY decorations

Pigs were everywhere in celebration of the Year of the Pig

My son and I - I was a bit tired after 30 full hours of travel
(Dallas to Austin to San Francisco, 6 hour layover, 15 hours to HK)

Dragon dance - awesome

Nightly light show - buildings' lights choreographed plus laser show

30-minute fireworks - second night of CNY - we hiked up a mountain trail to get a good view

Yummy noodle bowls - some of the great food we experienced

More decorations

These bush/trees were everywhere with red envelopes attached. Also the kumquat plants and mums.

My son and hubby in Macau
Huge crowds everywhere

All kinds of dried fish laid out in fishing village of Cheung Chau
Me learning Chinese brush calligraphy from Master Dereck Kwon
- writing my name

This weekend we are off to Albuquerque to meet up with the whole family at my daughter's house. My son has come to the States on business and we always try to get together whenever he is here. The four grand boys adore him and he loves spending time with them too.