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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back from Boston

I'm back and still recuperating from our week in Boston. We had wonderful weather, especially for New England at this time of year, and the Marathon was quite an experience. Over 25,000 runners! Our daughter and her boyfriend finished, but Dana crashed afterwards. She ended up passing out from exhaustion and spent almost 2 hours in the medical tent. She was fine after eating and replenishing fluids and ready to sign up for another (but maybe not in Boston...). We stayed in a friend's charming old family home about 30 miles outside of Boston on a lake in a very quaint, tiny New England town. It was so relaxing and fun to be with our grown kids for a mini-family reunion. Only the 20-year old didn't make it so there were seven of us in all. Fun, but I'm also glad to be back and slowing getting back into routine.

Here's a free image for you to use in your artwork. I managed to browse in one antique store while away and found some neat vintage photos of "instant ancestors." I wonder why they were always so somber in these photographs... Please share what you do with this.

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Tangled Threads said...

How exciting to see your daughter take place in the Boston marathon. It's cool most of the family went. I am also back from California--a great time! Debbie