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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your off-topic laugh for the day!

Remember my post awhile ago about making underwear from an old t-shirt? Well, this one beats that! A friend forwarded this picture to me - it's a young woman at a flea market in Alabama. Now look very closely. Yes, her tank top is a pair of men's underwear! It sure is cost effective, considering you can get a package of 3 for around $6, or the ultimate green recycling idea if using old underwear! Yuck - at least the crotch is cut out. No sewing skills needed... Oh my, what will they think of next!!


Mary Lynn said...

Oh Susan, this is soooo funny! I wouldn't get too close, you never know what they might smell like!

Robin said...

That is just plain crazy! I just hope they were new and not used. What will they think of next?