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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments - Day #11

Today is Day 11 of the LBH ornaments - my day to share a cute little mixed media paper mache bell ornament I created.

(Since I was out of town for most of the time of this series, I did not post the other ornaments here like I have done in past years.  Please go to the LBH blog to see all the wonderful creations made by the other designers.)

Supplies needed (all except starred items available at the LBH):

1 paper mache ornament (I used bell, but any shape would work)
white tissue paper (regular wrapping kind)*
Tim Holtz tissue tape (I used music)
Mod Podge*
Art Anthologies Sorbet Dimensional Paint - Big Dip O' Ruby
Viva Silver Metallic Modeling Cream
Viva Peridot Lt. Green Glitter Paste
Black Archival Ink
Glossy Accents
Silver Halo Glitter
Kaisercraft Clear Stamp - script
Punchinella* (or one of new TH new stencils which just arrived at LBH)
Small paintbrush
Palette knife*
Sandpaper or sander*
Word stamp of choice*
7" - 3/4" wide silver metallic ribbon
12" thin red with silver stripe ribbon

Let's begin!

1.  Paint inside of ornament with red Sorbet paint with a slightly damp paintbrush (this paint is very thick and a damp paintbrush will help to spread it evenly).  This dries quickly.

2.  Crumple tissue paper (this is a good use for used paper from gifts) and tear into small pieces (approximately 2", not tiny). Apply Mod Podge directly on the outside of the ornament and add tissue paper, smooshing it into Mod Podge. This is one time when wrinkles are good! Continue adding and overlapping paper pieces until ornament is covered. This can hang over bottom edges as shown in photo below. When completely dry, sand edges to remove the excess paper. (Note: I like to use the inexpensive black nail files found at beauty supply or dollar stores for this.)

3.  Tear small pieces of tissue tape and randomly place on ornament.  Burnish well.

4.  Paint the outside of the bell with the same red paint, touching up bottom edge if necessary.  I love this paint as it is translucent and you can still see the tissue tape pattern through it. (Note: clean brush with water immediately as this paint hardens quickly in the brush. If it doesn't come clean, use hand sanitizer to clean it thoroughly.)

5.  Use a script stamp and black Archival ink to randomly and lightly stamp the ornament. We are going for texture here, not a perfect impression. Dry with a heat gun to set the ink which is permanent once dry.

6.  Lay a small piece of punchinella (or use one of the new Tim Holtz layering stencils which just arrived in the LBH!) over the ornament. Use a palette knife to spread small amounts of silver modeling cream randomly in several places.  (Can you tell my knife is well-used?)

The ornament will now look like this.

6.  Stamp word of choice on small piece of tissue paper. Heat to set. Tear around word very closely. If you tear a small piece off (as I did here), it can be fixed later.

7.  Apply Mod Podge directly to ornament where you want to place the word and then gently add tissue paper in place. Tap paper into glue and cover with another coat of Mod Podge.  When completely dry, the paper will be almost invisible and you can touch up any areas with a fine black Sharpie pen. 

8.  Put a small amount of glitter paste on your finger and tap all over the ornament.  This step will make the ornament really sparkle on your tree!

9.  Run a line of Glossy Accents along the bottom edge of the ornament and sprinkle with silver glitter while wet.

10.  Fold the silver ribbon into a bow shape.

11.  Tie the red and silver ribbon in a tight knot at base of gold ornament hanger, then lay silver bow on top of the knot. Tightly tie red and silver ribbon around the middle of the silver bow and tie into a bow.  Trim ends of ribbons.

 You now have a pretty ornament to add to your tree!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as well as the other ornaments we have created for you.  

Hop on over to the LBH blog and leave a comment there telling me when you usually decorate your tree - before Thanksgiving? right after Thanksgiving? or Christmas eve?  One lucky commenter will win my ornament.

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Sue said...

PEACEful ... I love this ornament. ONE of these years, I just might win one of these - if this is my year, let it be this bell!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!