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Friday, February 29, 2008

A lightbulb moment

No, not an artistic one, but I wish! This is actually a "dear husband" one. I returned from my trip to Chicago to the microwave not working and instructions from hubbie (who had left on a business trip) to call the repairman. Of course, it's no longer under warranty. The Maytag guy arrived this afternoon. To make a long story short, he reset the circuit breaker and removed the burned out bulb - for a total of $59! I think he felt truly sorry for having to charge me the minimum, so he told me where I could get a replacement bulb for less than a third of what it would cost from him. So now the microwave is working again!

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Veronica said...

hey sweetie, glad you are home and safe. Did you see you get a canvas too???? let me know what you want.