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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Little Book of Big Ideas

When you design and teach, sometimes it's fun to do a project without thinking - a project designed and taught by someone else. When I saw this darling little journal on my friend Karin's blog, I knew I just had to have it. (I'm not sure if it is still available, but it was an online video class from Cropped.)

I had so much fun making this! Karin's kit was all-inclusive except for the paints and she included so many fun little bits. I loved doing the painting on the pages and using vintage wallpapers and lots of book pages. And I love the finished shabby chic journal. I think we are kindred spirits! Thank you Karin for a fabulous project.

One of the few changes I made to the original - and not intentionally! I punched the holes on the wrong edge of the Sept/Oct page, so I had to add some ribbons to that edge. But I like how they stick out the side of the book.

Sorry for the washed-out photos. I just got a new computer and haven't figured out the photo-editing yet.


Linda Cain said...


Autumn said...

Oh so pretty, Susan!!!

Robin said...

Awww, this is just darling Susan! Love the shabby chic look of it!

Karin said...

I LOVE it Susan!!! Did you have fun making it? It looks so great.....I am so itching to do another journal again. hee hee....I love the added Decembeer on the side. I completely forgot to add December!! talk to you soon! Karin

Linda Manning Findley said...

wonderful little book with some great ideas .. Linda F