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Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is your card style?

There is a new magazine out from the Paper Crafts conglomerate called Card Style. All the samples included in the issue fall into four different styles: Fun and Cute; Clean and Graphic; Shabby and Chic; and Classy and Elegant. (And, by the way, this isn't just for cards! It translates just as well for scrapbooking layouts or any art projects.)

So, do you know your style? Take this little quiz which I found in their online newsletter, www.papercraftsconnection.com.

1. When you design your projects, you think in terms of:

A. Simple and/or playful
B. Plenty of “white space”
C. Layers, layers, layers!
D. Sophisticated combinations

2. The patterns that draw your eye most frequently are:

A. Polka dots and gingham
B. Ones that are bold and geometric
C. Soft and oversized floral
D. Damask

3. Your sentiment text is usually:

A. Full of doodles and whimsy
B. No-frills
C. Soft and scripty
D. Stately and formal

4. Your favorite embellishments are:

A. Buttons and hearts
B. Simple shapes and icons
C. Lace and found items
D. Glitter and bling

5. When you use fibers on a project, they are:

A. Pompom trim and rickrack
B. Bold ribbon and simple string
C. Jute twine and twill ribbon
D. Satin and velvet ribbon

Mostly A: you and your happy color scheme are definitely fun & cute

Mostly B: a little goes a long way with your clean & graphic designs

Mostly C: your soft comfortable style is shabby chic or vintage

Mostly D: your style pedigree is classy & elegant

So, what style are you? Does it change depending on the occasion or your mood? Here are some samples of cards showing the different styles (all photos are from Paper Crafts Connection).

The first card is an example of Fun and Cute, created by Heidi Van Laar. Cute image and fun, bright colors and patterns.

The next one is Clean and Graphic by Kim Keste. Lots of clean white space, simple image and font.
This Shabby and Chic card, created by Melanie Douthat, has alot of texture (including frayed edges), patterns and soft colors.

And,, last but not least, a Classy and Elegant Christmas card by Charlene Austin with a simple, elegant image and frame and a pretty ribbon.

Take a look at your artwork and see if you can find a recurring pattern to what you create. If you don't know your style, I hope this will help you determine it, or at least give you food for thought!


Robin said...

Shabby Chic for sure!! Thanks for the fun quiz Susan.

Linda Cain said...

If I have a pattern, it's "fly by the seat of your pants!" Or "wing it, toss it or not." Not very deep, heh?

LOVE your work!