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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Green Crafting

While surfing blogs today, I found a great idea on an old post at http://www.secretpieshoppe.blogspot.com/2010/02/green-craft-envelopes-made-with.html.  She used old magazine pages to create regular, A2 envelopes.  I've been in the middle of sorting and getting rid of lots of old magazines, so I thought this was particularly timely!

First you need to print out the envelope template on cardstock (8.5 x 11).  If you click the link above and scroll to the end of the post, you will see a link to her template which you can save and print out.  (Note - you could also just open an old envelope and use it as your template.)

Then go through old magazines and pick out pages you like. Place the template on the page so the main image will be right-side up when the envelope is folded. Trace, cut, fold and tape edges.  You will be surprised at the interesting results!

Here are some I made:

Fun; a great alternative to boring white envies; and a chance to recycle!

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Rhonda Merry said...

I love these Susan. I am going to ahve to try this.