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Monday, May 9, 2011

LBH Art Group - May

It's time once again for our Little Blue House Art Group meetings. They will be on Wednesday, 6-9pm, and Friday, 10am-1pm.  This month we will be creating "Artful Accessories" using game pieces (dominoes, tri-ominoes, bamboo tiles) and bottle caps.  We'll use many different techniques and mediums to alter these.

These are a few samples I made for ideas for the group. I used wooden dominoes and plastic ones. They can be made into magnets, pendants or pins.  I also created a funky little "art girl" using a bottlecap and wine cork.

If you are local and are interested in joining us, check out the LBH blog for more information and contact The Little Blue House at 817-431-7930 to reserve a space.  I believe there are a few seats still available.


Scatter said...

Very unhappy Floridian here! I love your little cork girl.

Game pieces are one of my favorites! Hope you all have a blast.

Susan said...

Thanks Scatter - wish you could be here with us.

DeeDee said...

Susan..I learnt so much today,..thanks for the fun projects and all the helpful advise.. I loved my little googly kids.. Happy Weekend..