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Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Countdown

This is one of the Christmas presents I made for my pregnant daughter and her hubby.  At The Little Blue House we have been teaching a similar project, but as a countdown to Christmas.  I decided to change it up and do a countdown to the birth day (March 31).  But, since this would only get used a few times (for pregnancies), I changed it to birthday so it could also be brought out for everyone's birthdays. 

Inside the frame is chalkcloth mounted on chipboard so that the number of days to go can be written in chalk.  I took the photo before adding a cup hook and ribbon tied on a piece of chalk on the right side just above the "y."  The base is a sturdy wooden circle that can be hung on the wall or placed on an easel.  The photo doesn't show up the glitter on the letters and frame.

They were here this past weekend for a pre-Christmas celebration since we won't be together on Christmas and they loved it.  I hope it will become a pregnancy and birthday tradition to count down to the big days! And, as of today, there are only 103 days to wait for our first grandbaby!

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Rhonda Merry said...

Clever Girl, Love your birthday version.