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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art Journaling Workshop

It's been awhile since I've worked in my art journal and I've missed it! I love starting with a blank page with no preconceived notions of what it should be and just playing.

I had signed up for a Strathmore Online Workshop (did I mention it was free!). When I received an e-mail that the course "Doodles Unleashed" with Traci Bautista was posted I was excited to get started.  This is a four-week course in doodling with many different mark-making supplies on large-scale paintings.  Traci's style is very different from mine and that is one reason I was intrigued and hoped to learn some new techniques.

Traci works BIG - the supply list included 18" x 24" paper for the substrate.  I didn't have anything that size so chose to work more comfortably in a smaller scale in my art journal.  Following is the two-page spread I created.  I even remembered to take photos along the way to record the process.

The first step was to add color to the blank page using stencils, masks and found objects.  I laid the following on the page: a few "gears" masks from Tim Holtz, a circular piece of plastic needlepoint canvas which I cut to make the one circle and a ring; a popsicle stick (lower right); a small washer (inside the ring); rubber bands in different sizes (upper left); and a piece of drywall tape (lower left).  I sprayed miscellaneous color wash sprays over these.  

Once dry, the next step was to add doodles with acrylic paints.  I continued with the circular theme, painting turquoise, red and violet rings and circles with a brush.

I then continued doodling - lines, dots, more circles - with oil pastels and some more acrylic paint.

Next came the addition of black India ink. This really started to make the designs pop and added much-needed contrast.  I also used Copic markers at this point - they add a subtle background texture.

The final step was adding white to the design using a white correction pen.  I would never have thought to use that - it is very opaque and really stands out.  Traci also suggested using paint pens and neon markers, both of which I didn't have.

This was a fun exercise and got me out of my comfort zone. I usually don't use such vibrant colors, but I am happy with the result and enjoyed just freely creating. I am looking forward to Week 2 using watercolors.

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Sugar Lump Studios said...

how fun! Love your color combination - so bright and cheery! :) Looking forward to seeing the next steps too!