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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Colorful Workshop

I've been following Carolyn Dube's blog, A Colorful Journey, for several months. She does alot of art journaling and playing with messy media. I like her carefree style and relaxed manner of teaching. She has put together a free workshop called "Use Your Words" which consists of six lessons with videos using typography in different ways.  You can check it out at A Colorful Workshop and sign up here. The "class" is finished (in real time) but the lessons and videos are available forever.

I have watched all the lessons, but have only been able to complete the first project.  We chose a word which was stenciled on the page with paint. Carolyn retained alot of white space in her background, but I used a page in my journal that already had several layers. We were supposed to write something (illegibly and messily) and add more layers if we chose.

Here's my page - I chose the word DARE, filled the background with large script, and added some spray mist drippage along the top edge. At this point I felt it needed something more.

So I outlined the letters with white pen and added paint spatters with diluted white paint.  I think I got carried away - looks more like a blizzard! Lesson learned, but that's what playing in my art journal is all about!


I hope you will go check out Carolyn's workshop. It's lots of fun to watch her create a page and be inspired to do your own. And, it's free!

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Carolyn Dube said...

Not carried away- I love all that white on there- what great contrast! Drippy layers of happiness here!