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Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm late - for Halloween!

Hope everyone had a fun and candy-filled Halloween! My little grandsons were so cute in their costumes. We even were able to go trick-or-treating with Carl as they came into town to spend the weekend with his two little cousins in Plano. How cute it was to see those three littles (oldest is 3) figuring out what it was all about and then getting really into it!

Drew went as "Boots" from Dora, his favorite show

Carl was Superman - last minute costume change - don't ask

These were the treats I made them. Didn't want to do a lot of candy since they are so young, so found these on Pinterest.

Frankenstein snack cups (snacks from Walmart, painted cup, added cut
black card stock hair, eyes and drew on mouth - Peanut butter cup "bolts")

Small Playdoh containers with goggly eyes and pipe cleaner spider
legs glued on. Original pin had pipe cleaners in colors to match
lid but I only bought 1 package.

Each of them got a fun-size M&M package but I put Drew's in
this treat bag made at the LBH Make&Take last weekend.
I only had one so it had to go in his mailed package!

Again, Happy Halloween everyone! It's on to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. (Actually I'm very busy creating Christmas projects this week for our Holiday Open House on Saturday!)
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