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Monday, June 15, 2015

Documented Life Planner - Week 23

June Theme - Travel Journaling
June 6
Art Challenge - Illustrative Journaling
Journal Prompt - Take Me Away

The challenge for week 23 was Illustrative Journaling. Yikes, I can't draw! 

The first traveling that came to mind was our trips to Mexico the past few years for my dental work. Despite having to go to the dentist during these stays, it is actually quite relaxing and enjoyable
 to go to Los Algodones. 

It's a border town near Yuma, AZ, and exists primarily to serve the dental needs of Americans and Canadians. It is very safe and there is only one "hotel," a quaint little 40-room hotel that is reminiscent of the 50's!  There are several little food establishments in town but the primary one for the "tourists" is the Paraiso, an open-air courtyard which features live music every day and is a favorite for everyone. It's quite a crowd-watching place!

I decided to try to sketch and watercolor a few of these spots and add journaling to remember our times there. I don't love this spread but it does capture the feel of the place and I've managed to complete the challenge. I need lots more practice in sketching, drawing, watercolor and perspective!

Because the Dylusions journal pages aren't great for watercolors, I first covered both pages with clear gesso and then sanded them smooth. It worked reasonably well with the watercolor. I know better than to use many of my pens over gesso, but I had forgotten about the gesso and was just thinking of writing and sketching over watercolor. Oops! Ruined a few practically-new pens. Lesson learned!

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