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Saturday, November 21, 2015

DLP Project - Week 45

November's theme - Stencils, Stamps and Masks

Week 45 - November 7

Art Challenge: Stencils, Made or Bought
Journal Prompt: On the edge of uncertainty ... what are you afraid of?

The art challenge was right up my alley this week as I love using stencils and building up layers with them. But the journal prompt??? These always make me stop and think... Many this year have been very challenging!

I started out with turquoise acrylic paint and the "reduction" technique with a stencil. You lay a stencil over the paint while still damp and use a baby wipe or wet paper towel to rub off the paint through the stencil. This gives a lot of texture and interest to that first layer.

Then I used a slightly darker ink pad and rubbed through the same stencil giving more texture.

Then came a diluted wash of a violet paint. At this point I hated it! But journal pages usually go through many transformations as layers are added so I kept going, though I must admit I was toying with the idea of tearing out the page and starting over!

I decided it needed to be lightened so added white paint through a small squares stencil, then darkened by a small circle stencil and very dark midnight blue paint.

I added the scalloped border (also a stencil) with white paint as well as the feather stencil with white.

For the prompt I decided that when things are uncertain or you are afraid of something, it's best to just  "Be brave...Dare to fly". These letters were cut out of a catalog and glued on. Because of the word "fly," the bird just had to go on the spread - it's also a stencil. 

Some outlining with black Stabilo pencil and a water brush and a white pen and I called it done!

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