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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Documented Life UnPlanner 2016 - Week 3

Week 3 - Jan 16
Week 3 Prompt - Use Text from a Flyer or Magazine (for PAC)
List Ten card - List 10 books that changed your life

Above is the front and back of this week's page. It was printed on kraft card stock which I colored by scraping yellow and turquoise paints over. I like how white pen shows up nicely on darker pages. I used several photos on this as it was Grant's first birthday celebration in Albuquerque on Sat. and all four grand boys were there. I wanted to journal the memories.

These photos show the front and back of my "List TEN." I didn't list books that necessarily CHANGED my life, but ones that were significant for various reasons. At first I had a hard time thinking of any, but once I started, the titles flowed! I used some collage paper for the spine and border-punched the edge. On the back I printed out a kindness quote, colored with watercolor pencils, and added some washi tape and a banner.

I cut out the word "dream" from a flyer and glued it over a painted and collaged background for my PAC this week.

This is an extra addition - a place marker which I made from a strip of printed acetate that my friend gifted me. I corner-rounded the top and added some dyed ribbon. I scraped yellow and pink paint on the back to give it some color and added painted hole reinforcers around the punched holes. I punched the holes so that it would stick up over the pages.

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Sue Kosec said...

Hey Susan ... is everything okay with your blog? The past two days I've had a lot of trouble being able to leave a comment. Have to reboot every time. Finally, I'm here!

LOVE what you're doing in your UN-planner. Every technique and every page is just divine!!!!!!!!!!

Happy creating.