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Friday, August 18, 2017

Drew goes to kindergarten!

This isn't art-related, but it's a big moment for our family! We now have a grand in kindergarten! Even though Drew is three months younger than Carl, his school started earlier. I went to Albuquerque Tuesday night and returned Wed. night so I could be there for the big day.

He was so excited, and a bit nervous too, but had a fun time. Said he couldn't remember much about the day, but then, bits and pieces came out... He was the "lunch counter," counting how many brought their lunches and how many bought from the cafeteria. He is a very conscientious little guy so I'm sure he took the job very seriously and was accurate!

Carl's first day is August 28th so I will also be visiting Austin for that special day. How in the world did they grow up so fast??

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Sue Kosec said...

What a moment to remember. So glad you were able to be there for this milestone, Susan.

Now scrapbook it all!