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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful day spent with your loved ones doing what makes you happy. I had to work all afternoon, but since I love working at the scrapbook store, I didn't mind.

Now that the day is almost over, I can post the little circle book I made for my mother. The title is "Motherisms - things Mom always said." It is made from a cardboard ribbon spool. I removed one end of the spool, covered the outside with patterned papers and wrapped ribbon around the outside of the "core." The book itself is made with circles of cardstock, decorated with stamps, images, handwriting, brads, ribbons etc. I laid half the circles upside down in a row and glued a length of ribbon over them with approximately a 1/4" space between each. The I adhered the remaining circle pages on top of the ribbon. The last page is just one-sided and glued to the bottom inside of the spool. The first page has a little length of ribbon attached to pull the book out. The "cover" is the top of the ribbon spool. I set two eyelets in the top and two in the side of the spool. Ribbon was threaded through and tied in bows to form the "hinge." To keep everything intact, I added a band made with border-punched white cardstock and ribbon which slips over the book.

I had lots of fun making this, thinking of and remembering all those "motherisms." I hope she enjoys it. Remember to click on photos if you want to see close-ups. (EDIT: For some reason clicking on the photos was not working. I have just spent at least an hour reloading the photos, sometimes multiple times, and all are enlarging except the last one. I have no idea what's happening with Blogger...)


Linda Manning Findley said...

Susan for some reason I couldn't click on photo's to make them larger and I would love to see them close up they are so wonderful .... Linda

DymphieM said...

Love your 'bobbin'book :-) very original!

Loudlife said...

Susan - I love this! And it totally made me laugh...I've already started saying some of these things to my daughter. (Much to my chagrin)


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

How pretty!!!!!! I did a memory box last year for Mother's Day with "momisms" and it was so much fun and my mom loves it.