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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Woo hoo!

My art and blog are getting noticed! I was chosen as "Featured Artist" on the Yahoo Group pARTs-a-la-carte for this week. And, the moderator of that same group nominated my blog for the "Blog Award of the Week"! I didn't win, but just knowing that someone thought enough of my blog to make the nomination is very affirming.

Also, Zneart.com is creating a new homepage for ZNE members to link to for showing off their Podcasts, YouTube videos and Slideshows. I don't think this has gone public yet, but portions of two of my art pieces were chosen for the page header! (They are the two on the far right.) You can check this out at www.zne-store.citymax.com/Teatro.html. There is something really, really cool about opening a website and seeing your own art pop up!

Thanks to Chel and Katherine for these opportunities!

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Linda Manning Findley said...

congrats Susan and love all the things on your bold ... always love the work you do .... Linda