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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Altered Postcard

I haven't been feeling very creative the past few days due to some busy, long days at work. But I played with a postcard tonight and came up with this "western" theme. I swapped with someone online recently - she sent six old postcards and one was to be altered and returned to her. This is the first altered postcard I have done and I wanted to try Omni Gel transfers. I collaged bits of various papers to the picture side of the postcard, stamped the quote and star and then adhered the transfer of the little boy in a cowboy suit. The transfer was an inkjet print with three coats of Omni Gel (first horizontal, second vertical and third diagonal, drying completely between coats). When dry, this was immersed in water for a few minutes and then the paper rubbed off the back. This results in a plasticy decal type of image. I didn't like the glossy finish so added matte medium to the entire postcard after attaching the transfer.

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Vicki C said...

Hi Susan! So glad you came by and left your blog addy. Everything looks beautiful. I'm so pooped,(it's LATE) so I'm headed off to bed. Tomorrow I'm comming back to look around more. So glad we met. Vicki