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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Great tip to keep track of blogs


This is a great site. You can set up an account (FREE) and then enter the addresses of blogs you especially like and want to keep track of. You will then get an e-mail whenever these particular blogs are updated. This is such a time-saver, especially if you have several favorites and don't want to "miss anything." Instead of going to each blog and checking to see if there are any new posts, blogarithm alerts you when there is new activity. I love it!


Phyllis said...

Even better than that is to set up a FREE google reader. It will load all the newest posts to the reader, and you can just scroll through the list, Most show the entire new blog entry. Some don't.
In lower right y9u can create an account.

I love it! The information comes to me and I can quickly scan through the entries to see which posts I want to read.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I really need to do this as there are so many blogs I love and getting around to them all can be a lot of time.