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Thursday, September 13, 2007

It arrived!

My new ATG tape gun came in the mail yesterday. It was a belated birthday gift (for which I loudly hinted) from one of my daughters. Thank you Kim! I love it! It's not nearly as heavy or awkward as I envisioned and will be so much cheaper in the long run over the Tombow adhesive refills! The package also contained 7 tape rolls (36 yards each) so this should keep me in business for awhile... Isn't it awesome? I'm so excited - a girl's gotta have her toys!


Sandy said...

You'll LOVE your new toy!!! I have absolutely loved mine. Ebay has deals on getting the tapes, fyi :)

doverdi said...

You will definately fall in love with this toy. I have a yellow one that I bought about 2 years ago & recently purchased the red one too. Now my yellow one is for doing cards (non acid free tape) and the red one for scrapbook pages (acid free tape). This way I don't have to keep changing tape and won't get them mixed up. LOL