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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random thoughts

I've just returned this evening from a reception/book signing and discussion on "Creativity" featuring three collage/assemblage and fabric artists: Rice Freeman-Zachery, James Michael Starr and Michael deMeng. It was so inspiring to be among other artists and hearing how they approach their work and to find out that we all go through the same doubts, fears and artists blocks as well as the "aha" moments.

On another note (hence the title - random thoughts...), I am very excited that I have found an alternative to the expensive Fancy Pants 6" acrylic block so that I can finally use my new Fancy Pants acrylic stamps! I read somewhere (sorry, I can't remember where or I would give credit) that you could substitute a quilter's square gridded ruler - so, off I went to Joann's quilting department. $5 later I now have a 6" block for my huge stamps! Now to just find time to play...

Here's a tip I read in my LSS's newsletter: you can curve your clear acrylic border stamps on the block in order to get even more mileage from them.

And, if you want to know all about the proper way to use a gluestick (who would have thought one could do a video on this topic!), check out this site: http://www.gomakesomething.com/content/view/276/2/ And be sure to check out all the other stuff on the site - you'll be there awhile. Lisa, as always, is full of useful information!

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