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Saturday, December 1, 2007

New header

Did you notice my new header? I have held off changing it until December 1st - just doesn't seem right to put up Christmas stuff until December. I'm so excited to share it with you - I love it! I have tried and tried to make my own, but finally was forced to get some hlep. This was made by the very talented Kris Hurst at Blissfull Elements (http://krislhurst.blogspot.com) - check out her wonderful art on her blog.

I'm off to Chicago again tomorrow for a few days. My oldest daughter is taking flamenco dance and will be in a studio recital tomorrow evening. Looking forward to that, plus getting to see three of my girls, but not the cold weather! It will seem even colder coming from the 70-degree weather the past few days here in Texas.


Monica-FC said...

love the new header just makes the holiday. :)

Linda Manning Findley said...

love the new header ...... have fun and be safe .... Linda F

Monica-FC said...

I love your christmas header. nice one for the holidays. Love it.