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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Get Organized!

That's at the top of my list for 2008 - at least in my art room! It has really gone downhill since I started working in April. I tell myself I will clean it up and put things away when I finish the current project, only to find myself immersed in yet another project before I can do so. Since I still have several weeks before the store actually closes and I stop working, the room reorg will have to wait just a little while longer. In the meantime, I am redoing my "stamp log."

When I first started stamping several years ago, one of the best tips I heard was to make a log of every stamp. I have been faithful to this - and it is such a valuable tool. When starting a project, I browse through my log to see what stamps might work and then retrieve them from wherever they are stored. It's great too when friends are over and want to use my stamps - they only have to look through the log rather than shelves and drawers full of stamps.

The only problem - I started this in a small notebook, never dreaming my collection would grow so large, and it is now bursting at the seams! I initially intended to take this when I shopped so I would not duplicate stamps and I wanted it to be portable and small. However, in all the time I've had this, I've never once remembered to take it with me! So, I am now transferring the log to a larger 8 1/2" x 11" 3-ring binder. At the same time, I am trying to reorganize the categorie and the actual stamps.

And the moral of this overly long story is, if I'm not posting, I'm probably logging!

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Nise on GW said...

Good Luck! I have a spiral art book that's about that size that I try to stamp all of my unmounted stamps in. It does work great when you need an idea, if I've remebered to stamp the stuff in there. Also have one for my inks and embossing powders, so if I'm trying for a particular shade - - yeah, that's a bit of an overkill, but it helps a lot, too. There really is something good about organization, IF you can find the time to get it done in the first place.