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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small Alphabet Stamp Storage

Is it just me or are the days and weeks passing by way too quickly? It seems like it was just Christmas and here we are coming up on mid-March! I simply do not understand people being bored and having nothing to do. I don't have time to be bored! This week was spent designing, teaching, creating - but I can't show any of it right now!

I thought I'd mention a great idea for storing small wood-mounted alphabet stamps - the kind that come mounted on small wooden "pegs." I could never get all the stamps back in the original box they came in and if I found another box for them, they would jumble up. I like having the alphabets in order when it comes to stamping words. I heard about this storage solution several years ago and I just love it - ammunition boxes! These boxes are small square boxes with individual dividers sized for different calibers of bullets. The ones I bought are for .44 or .45 (whatever that means!) and have 100 sections, enough for three complete alphabets plus extra punctuation. My box is named P-100 Series and the website listed is: http://www.mtmcase-gard.com/.

I purchased mine at a sporting goods store in the hunting department. At the time I was looking, I could not find them at Walmart. Just be prepared for some strange looks if you go shopping for these with your kids in tow!

Here are pics of the box closed and open. These are perfect for the little $1 sets of alphabet stamps from Michael's. I also have sets from PSX, Image Tree and Hero Arts that fit. And, as I said, there are different sizes so those might also fit larger stamps.

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Create Joy Design Team said...

That's a great idea...you're so smart, my friend! :)