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Saturday, March 6, 2010

More fairy tales

Today was another six-hour day at work, teaching classes, and we're about to have our Spring Open House on Friday and Saturday to showcase our next feature of spring and Easter class projects, so guess what I'm feverishly working on!

As promised, here are the fairy tale shadowboxes made by the other art group members. I apologize for the terrible photos - since these all have glass, I had to shoot without a flash and, as you will note, not a very steady hand!

The first one is another Alice box - isn't it fun to see the different interpretations! This was made by Trisha and she even added little black feet to the bottom of the box.

Mette did a Danish fairy tale (oops, can't remember what it was called). I love how she added paper strips to the front of the glass to look like a window which the butterfly is peeking through.
Next we have Christine's and this one was very hard to photograph, not only because of the glass, but she added a transparency inside which is much easier to see in real life. This is a Thai fairy tale, as she is Thai. Lots of collaged images inside.

Yet another Alice. She was popular in our group! Cathy made this and stained the box. I like the addition of the ribbon and the key.

Debbie did Cinderella, which, with all the glitter and bling, suits her. She is the "embellishment queen" of the group. This really sparkles in real life and the silver-painted box is perfect.

Julie did Hansel and Gretel, with a vintagey, old-world feel. I believe the background was fabric and she added lots of gold trim and sequins. The outside of the box was rubbed with what looked like a metallic wax. Another out of focus photo!

Here is Lynn's Thumbelina. It's hard to see, but she added a "tutu" fringe ribbon around the outside. The bird is a transparency and the background is text from the fairy tale. I love how she added the grungeboard wings outside of the box!

This was a super-fun challenge and it was cool seeing all the unique interpretations and different approaches everyone took.


Linda Manning Findley said...

All very lovely .... wish I could see them in real life ...... Linda F

Robin said...

Each of these is so unique and beautiful! I bet they look even better in real life.

Elaine A said...

Oh, these all are so different, but wonderful.