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Saturday, June 30, 2012


A friend just brought this to my attention. She came across this on Facebook. A scrapbook kit company is selling page kits for an almost exact copy of the two baby layouts I recently designed for The Little Blue House. I've heard of many instances of this before, especially now with the global availability of anything on the Internet, but I never thought it would happen to little ole me!

Here are my two original "Oh Baby" layouts, using Bella Blvd papers.

And these are the layout kits being sold by Kit-a-licious Kits.

Page Kits p.10
Page Kits p.13

What do you think?

I can't believe it! I've sent a note to the company (as well as commenting on the post on Facebook) and hope they will remove this kit from their listings. It is such a blatant copy - the twine around the photo mats, the placement of all the papers and mats, the title font, the ribbon (though different) is the same color and even the buttons on every other little pennant on the border!

I would not mind a bit if someone had seen these layouts and copied them for their personal use. In fact I probably would think it a compliment! But this is for commercial use...

EDITED: To be fair, Melanie from Kit-a-licious just responded to me (very quick response!) and was unaware of the similarity as this was designed by a guest designer. She is pulling the kits ASAP. So nice that a company does right!! I am happy.


Sarah said...

Good to see a happy ending to this!

Rhonda Merry said...

Or...give you a commission and some recognition. That would be good too.