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Monday, March 30, 2015

Documented Life Project - Weeks 11 and 12

I've done it! With these two pages, I'm caught up to the current week! Prompts are posted on Saturday, so we're just a few days into this week and I'm ready to work on the current page!

Week 11
March Theme: Making your Mark (Doodles and Mark Making)
Art Challenge: Borders
Journal Prompt: "Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind"

For this week's spread, I cut painted papers into scallops, strips and circles to form the borders, doodling and making marks along the edges. I also used the bottom border for my calendar days. 

There are many painted, stamped and stenciled layers for the background.  I didn't quite get the quote, so just used "Losing my mind? No, it's just LIFE as usual" as my title. 

Week 12
same March theme
Art Challenge: As a Focal Point
Journal Prompt: Coming into Focus

For this spread I was inspired by a similar "mandala" I'd seen online a few years ago.  I first drew the focal point in pencil and then used a permanent black pen over it. Then I filled in each section with different doodles, using Portfolio watercolor crayons for all the color. I repeated the same colors on the right side for my days of the week and used the single word, Focus, as the title.

I am so happy to be caught up with all the challenges and can now focus on one spread a week!


Julie Wicks said...

These are beautiful, Susan. I especially *love* the first one. BTW...Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind is an old Madonna song!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Susan LOVE these, like Julie I prefer the first one not sure if it's the colors or the design but it's super ... some of us are to old ... -;-) ... to think of Madonna songs .... LOL