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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Documented Life - Week 29!

July Theme - Ephemera

July 19 - Week 29

Art Challenge - Photographs and Memories
Journal Prompt - "All That I Have to Remember You" ~ Jim Croce

It seems that I have been using photographs and memories for the last few weeks' spreads, so I wasn't sure where to go with this week's prompt. In the end I was inspired by Rae Missigman's interpretation of the theme using a black and white photocopy of family members and then using ephemera, paints, stencils, mists, collaged painted paper circles for the background.

My father died in 1987 and I have always loved this photo of him. He was a painting contractor and carpenter and really knew his craft. We lived in a small ski resort town and he was well known for his impeccable skills. Many wealthy tourists built expensive vacation homes there and he was the contractor everyone demanded. Long before the days of Loews and Home Depot custom-mixing paint colors with a formula, he could do it by eye - tell him the color you wanted and he would mix it! I feel blessed that I inherited some of his color sense.

This is how the page started. I glued down ephemera - book text and strips of paint chips (a nod to his painting career) and some of Rae's painted paper circles I'd bought from her etsy shop.  Once that was all dry I started adding layer upon layer of paints, mists, stencils, stamps and doodles.  

It's a little hard to see, but I handwrote the title "remembering Dad" at the bottom of the right page. Around the photo I wrote adjectives that described the man he was (i.e. quiet, humble, loving, talented etc.). I also wrote his name at the top and along the left side his date of birth and death. He died just a few weeks after his 64th birthday - way too young - and I miss him every day. This is just a small tribute to this wonderful man in my life.
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