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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Drawing a Face

Yesterday I played in my art journal again. I can't draw faces very well and need to practice, practice, practice.

So this is my latest face. I first collaged various papers in the background and lightly swiped white and pink paint around to unify it. Then I started drawing the face. I have seen several instructions that all tell how to draw an oval and divide it into sections to get the proper proportions, but my previous attempts have not been very good. This one, however, I'm more pleased with.

I kept it very sketchy and used a bit of my new flesh-colored acrylic paints from Jane Davenport to paint in her skin. I used the "Mermaid Markers" for the wisps of hair. (By the way, these aren't really markers at all. Rather they are water brushes filled with non-permanent water colors. Gorgeous bright colors and tons of fun to play with!) The photo shows a reflection in the black of the pupils which isn't in the original.

The flowers in her hair are just "blobs" of white paint with a bit of pink swirled in while wet. Then I added gray paint for the centers and scribbled white and black pens around.

I didn't shade much - that will be my next challenge...

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Sue Kosec said...

Oh Susan. Oh Susan. You have done a fantastic job on this face. Be proud!!!