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Monday, March 6, 2017

Home Again and Planner Update

We returned from Mexico late Saturday night. This is the fourth trip we've made to Los Algodones which is just across the border from Yuma, AZ. I would call it the dental capital of the world - a tiny border town with over 300 dentists! It is completely safe - if it wasn't, everyone would go out of business and the town would cease to exist! It is invaded by mostly Canadians, snowbirds and Americans for inexpensive (compared to the states) dental care.

In the past I've had an "All-On-4" implant procedure that involved four implants on the top of my mouth with a permanent "denture" over that. It was very successful, except one of the teeth broke off in the back (warranted) so we went back to have that replaced. I also had a loose bridge I thought would just need glueing. Surprise - when they took x-rays, they discovered infection and tooth deterioration under the bridge, so the net of it was I had 2 extractions, infection removal, 3 implants and a bone graft. Ouch (more financial than physical)! After 8 months' healing time, we will go back for the permanent crowns.

So, I have not been very artsy this past week! And not feeling up to much this week either.  Working on some upcoming swaps and have updated my planner for the past two weeks.

Feb. 26-28

I used the "reduction stenciling" technique for the background of this spread. I painted with pink and yellow Distress Paints and, while it was still wet, wiped through a stencil with a baby wipe to remove some of the color. The borders between the days are border-punched paper strips and the days of the week are handmade stickers (I'll do a post on those later). On the right page I added a tag which was made with strips of washi tape, watercolors, and stamped butterflies. The largest one is dimensional: I stamped on a scrap of clear packaging with permanent ink, painted the back to add color and then heated and manipulated to give it form.

March Monthly Calendar

March 1-4

I scraped blue and light green paints on the background and used new Jane Davenport washi tape to divide the days. I used both pages for the spread since we were in Mexico and there were lots of appointments to document.  I embellished with lots of stickers and images cut from brochures. 

Now to get back on schedule!


Sue Kosec said...

Yikkes on the mouth. Yikkes on the pocketbook.

Love the pink and yellow page the most. Reminds me so much of a creamsicle.

Just beautiful work, Susan!

Now go feel better.

Carla said...

Love your planner. I really to consider making my own for 2018. I think it would definitely be cheaper than buying the ones I've been buying. Not so sure they'll be as bright and beautiful as yours but it'll be useful.

Team Clark said...

Susan, I'm so very sorry to hear that you went through all this. Tooth problems are the pits. My dear friend just got dentures that she cannot wear and is struggling so. :( Glad you have a more permanent solution. Great pages, always so inspiring!!! Hugs, Autumn