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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Interesting Week - "Fat Book" Swap

So, after ten days of this awful "cold," I finally got in to see the doctor. It turns out I had severe allergies and also a sinus infection! I'd never had one before so had no idea these symptoms might mean that. Anyway, feeling better each day now that I'm on some meds!

My husband has also been sick but with slightly different symptoms, including a fever. Took him to the VA ER on Thursday and, after 8 hours, an IV and lung x-ray, we found out he has pneumonia! This is the second year in a row even though he's had the shots! 

Despite all the doctoring, I've managed to get a few things done this week. I finished 17 little 4" x 4" pages for a "Gypsy Fat Book" Swap. Mine are all slightly different since I used a variety of papers, fibers and buttons on them. I'm even a bit early getting them off to the swap hostess since they are due on May 28. I can't wait to see the 16 pages I receive in return. They will be bound into a fun, chunky little book.

Here they are all laid out before mailing.

And a few to show the similarities and variety.

The backgrounds were covered with paper from a Boho collection from Michael's and pieces of napkins. Then I used a dimensional lavender paint through a stencil which came from the same collection. The gold feathers are stamped on vellum and then fussy-cut (what was I thinking since I had 17 to do!). The gold German "scrap" border is something I bought at one of my first conventions probably over fifteen years ago and the images I purchased on Etsy.

In addition, I managed to finish 6 Easter scrapbook layouts for my grandsons as well as a layout for Mitchell's second birthday. I'm happy to be caught up with those once again!


Sue Kosec said...

Oh boy ... I had one of those horrific allergy/sinus infections a few years ago. Not to discourage you, but mine lasted for 89 days! Yessiree.

Well, it doesn't seem like it's kept you down and flat on your back. Look at all you accomplished!!! Love these and doesn't it feel wonderful to use embellishments that have been hanging out for over 15 years!?!

Feel better (hubby, too!)

Nancy B said...

These are so pretty Susan! I cannot wait to get the fat book. I look forward to it every year.

Team Clark said...

How dreadful! So glad you found out what's wrong with you both and are getting proper help. Can't believe you can manage this kinda assembly line all the while! You are amazing! These are so so cool and really look like fun to hold. Hugs, Autumn