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Monday, May 22, 2017

Life Documented 2017 - May, Week 3

We left on Wednesday night for Albuquerque in order to babysit the grand boys on Thursday. We were going in for the weekend anyway, as our son (who has moved to Hong Kong) was in country and wanted to see the boys and the rest of the family. Albuquerque was the easiest meeting point. It was a whirlwind weekend and we just returned late last night.

This is my planner spread for last week. I collaged a napkin on the left page and then lightly gessoed over it, as there was bleed-through from the previous page. On the right page I used watercolor for the background and then practiced sketching a face in Mindy Lacefield's style. She has a sketchy, cute, quirky style that I wanted to try.

This Traveler's Notebook insert is starting to fall apart as it contains almost five months' worth of pages. The right page was tearing away, so I added paper tape on the back and washi tape on the front to help reinforce it. At the end of May I will be transitioning into a new notebook.


Sue Kosec said...

I love your WC face, Susan!!!!! I don't think you need any more practicing.

You live such a busy life. Not sure how you keep up!

Hong Kong? Wow - now that'll be a new place for you to visit!


Team Clark said...

Good for you wearing out that notebook! I've enjoyed seeing it fill. Love your darling sketch, yes it is a style to admire! Great fix with the tape. Hugs, Autumn