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Monday, May 8, 2017

Life Documented 2017 - May, Week 1

This is one of the first week spreads I've actually completed during the same week! Feels good to be in town for awhile, even though I've been sick with a horrible cold since I returned.

This is last week's spread. I used pink acrylic paint for the background, floral fabric washi tape for the dividers between days and the Art to the 5th date stamps.  It was a pretty quiet week, especially since I was sick and didn't feel like doing much.

For the right "artsy" spread, I used an old technique of making a colorful background and then drawing (I used a floral stencil) an image and filling in the background around the image with a solid, darker paint. I blended it out toward the bottom of the page and then stenciled with an irregular dot stencil to make the transition more fluid.  I love how this came out! You never know until you do it what will actually be revealed. And I like the final touch of white pen against the dark background.


Sue Kosec said...

You're right ... you never know what you're going to get until it's finished. Little bit of serendipity, I'd say.


Team Clark said...

Oh Susan, so sorry you've been unwell. Chicken noodle soup thoughts to you! ;0 I LOOOOOOOVE that reverse masked flower, AMAZING! Wow, makes me want to get into my paints! Here's to a health and family! Hugs, Autumn