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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scissors Review

Scissors - we all have many pairs - who needs another? That's what I thought when the Tim Holtz scissors by Tonic came out and there was so much hoopla about them.

Well, I've tried them and had to buy them. I love these scissors!! The handles have wide openings for your fingers and are comfortable. The blades are teflon-coated - usually nothing sticks at all. I did get some residue on them when cutting foam mounting tape but it just peeled right off between my fingers. And, my favorite part, is the blades are very finely serrated which makes them grip paper extremely well while cutting. They are much larger than my detail scissors, but work even better for cutting intricate details. And, it's possible to get a very straight cut with these!

So, if you have a chance, try these out. They are the best.

1 comment:

Linda Manning Findley said...

yep I agree with all statements .... who knew there would be one more pair of scissors we HAD to have .... Linda F