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Friday, March 28, 2008

Wooden frames

Has it really been about a week since I last posted? I have been very busy trying to get some items made for a craft fair that I was going to participate in today with a few friends. It was kind of a last-minute idea so we were all scrambling to get some things done. And then, last night, everyone bailed out!

So, here at least is what I was working on. The scans are slightly dark and sometimes a little fuzzy because of the depth, but they were the best I could do. I made one of each different theme with the idea to also take orders but I guess that won't happen! I also made several card packets which I will post tomorrow.


Linda Manning Findley said...

very nice and now we know why it's taken a week for you to post .... Linda F

Sandy said...

Yes it's been a week and we missed you! Very pretty frames, I love them! You tied themes together very nicely.

Mary Lynn in Texas said...

Susan, these frames are beautiful. I can see that you put a lot of time and love into them.
Also, I have PS7 that I have been trying to teach to myself. I had some classes when I was still teaching but that has been years. Do you think that your lesson in PE could also apply to the version that I have?

ghanes said...

Susan,Love the frames! Are you selling them?