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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night I went to a six-hour crop and was able to finish assembling the programs for my daughter's wedding coming up in just two weeks from today! Can't believe the day is almost here.

The gunmetal metallic Prism cardstock I used for the base of the programs was left over from the invitations. To economize, I also just used white for the program pages. The dark pink and dark orange ribbons are her accent colors.

The first page is the ceremony itself; the second page lists the bridal party; and the last page is a tribute to the deceased grandfathers of both Dana and John as well as two uncles. We wanted to remember them on this special day.

And this is all 123 of them, boxed and ready to go in a few weeks!

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Diann said...

You did an awesome job, Susan! Thanks for sharing! Diann