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Friday, September 18, 2009

The store

So what do you do after a wedding? You rush home to continue helping to set up a new store!

We are in full swing now as the opening is just over two weeks away! Yikes! Just thought I'd give you some sneak peeks at what I am playing with every day.

boxes, boxes and more boxes

Glimmer Mists

ooh, buttons!


yummy Copic markers!


Nancy B said...

The wedding was so beautiful! I love the bright colors they used. I wish them all happiness in their
The store is looking pretty exciting too.
So much exciting stuff going on!
Congrats to you!

Diann said...

I loved looking at all wedding pictures! Oh, this is going to be a fine store and I know you will enjoy having it all set up and wishing for a great grand opening!

Linda Cain said...

Susan, this has to be you Susan Tidwell that took 1st place on the Maya Road contest!!!! CONGRATS, GIRL!

Linda Cain

paru's_circle said...

hi Susan lovely wedding photos! i have one of your lovely row houses from jeris swap, remember? just saw you must be a winner over at MAYA Road.. congrats are in order!

Robin said...

You have been sooooo busy Susan! The wedding looks like it was a picture perfect event and I am sure you are excited for the new store to open. I will have to make sure and come check it out!!