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Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to reality

We're back from our daughter's wedding in Puerto Morelos, Mexico - at least my body is back, but the rest of me is still there on vacation! There were 32 of us - family and close friends - staying at a lovely all-inclusive resort. Unlimited food and drinks and lots of entertainment and places to relax. The only downside was the extreme wind - they said it was unusual even for there - which blew the entire time we were there. The forecast was for rain on Saturday, the day of the wedding, but we lucked out and had gorgeous blue skies.

This is Kelly and I the first day - my hair never did keep any body or curl so I just gave up. The resort was so huge it was easy to get lost.

We spent our days either poolside

or on the beach - can you see the palapa blowing?

The wedding was on Saturday, May 1st. I must say that a destination wedding is definitely a great way to go. After an hour meeting and tour of the facilities on our first day, the resort wedding planner took care of all the details and we did very little else except worry about the weather!
This is the organdy flower I made for Kelly's hair. It's just several layers of roughly-cut organdy circles with pearls and crystals in the center. After cutting the circles, I passed the edges through the flame of a lighted candle - they melted and curled very nicely and, when layered, look very lifelike.

Here's the bride just before dressing for the big event. Yours truly had the honor (?) of hand-carrying the gown to Mexico.

My other three daughters were bridesmaids and are lacing her up (the back of her gown was laced like a corset - very pretty but a pain to lace!)

I will post the wedding pictures tomorrow.


Robin said...

Welcome back to Texas! Looks like it was a beautiful place to have a wedding. The bride is just beautiful, as are your other daughters.

Linda Manning Findley said...

looks great Susan ... so glad all went well and she made a beautiful bride ... the flower you made is exquisite ...... Linda F

Sarah said...

What lovely daughters you have! I'll bet you had a wonderful time having everyone together in such a beautiful setting. Glad the weather cooperated for the wedding.
Welcome home!!!

Jennifer Y said...

Oh how beautiful Susan! Looks like a gorgeous place and your daughter is beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics! :)