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Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's been a busy week and I decided today to take some time for myself and participate in an art challenge that my friend, Vicki Chrisman, posted here. The challenge was to create something "out of the box" from our usual art work and to post on our blogs by today.

So, here is mine. I've been wanting to start an art journal forever and have actually painted some pages in this old sketch book from my daughter's college days. But I had never finished a page, so I decided to make one for this challenge.

I scribbled watercolor crayons (love those things!) in three different colors on the page and then liberally added water with a water pen and brushed the pigment to blend. I liked how the really wet paints dripped and blended. Then I inked one of the new large Prima foam stamps and stamped over the dried page. I cut the words from an old Daisy D's ad. It's very simple, but I like how it turned out. And it was fun to just create for the sake of creating for a change! Once Vicki posts the links to everyone who participated, I will share them here.


Vicki C said...

AWESOME girl!!! I'm thrilled you played along .. and had fun stretching your creativity even further! Thanks so much Susan!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Jan said...

love your album!

Sarah said...

These watercolor crayons sure look like fun. Don't wait for another challenge to finish this journal. Take some time for yourself!

Linda Beeson said...

The colors and the cover are just amazing! The way the watercolors look on here is the best!

Robin said...

The colors you used are simply gorgeous! Wonderful sentiment and your page is awesome!!