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Friday, May 21, 2010

Birds Galore

More bird news - there are now five new eggs in the nest on our front door! And there is a huge mess of sticks and twigs on the front porch - there's more nest building going on in the upper rafters of the porch. I had no idea a nest was used more than once - wonder if it's the same mama bird? I'd really like to get rid of the whole arrangement and yucky, dirty nest, but I'd feel really guilty...so, I'm resigned to another round of babies hatching.

Other news - we've received the professional photographer's photos of the wedding - all 900 of them! How will we ever choose?

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just lisa said...

I had the same trouble....we ended up with a cd of all of my daughter's wedding photos...but to scrapbook, have printed, enlarged, albums...how do we choose when we love them all?? lol

Your daughter's wedding was so beautiful, as was she...you must be so happy!