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Saturday, May 8, 2010


This was the ceremony site, just feet from the water's edge. Check out the wind and the whitecaps in the distance.

The groom awaits...

Little 3-year-old Max was mostly interested in playing in the wonderful white sand.

This is my son, Will, and the youngest daughter, Sara. Check out the palm trees blowing!

Oldest daughter, Kim

Matron of honor, Dana - she just got married in September. I'm hoping there will now be a lull for awhile...

Bill and Kelly - he was a very proud Daddy. We all went barefoot!

The Mexican minister spoke very good English and the ceremony was very nice. Josh's boss, Keith, brought his ukelele and played their favorite songs, though with the wind, it was hard to hear.

First (married) kiss:

Time to celebrate!

We feel very fortunate to have a wonderful new son-in-law and that our family and friends could all be together for this joyous occasion!


Robin said...

What a beautiful wedding! I see the wind was a little pesky....but I'm sure in light of the celebration, no one really cared! Beats having to deal with rain!!

April Hummert said...

Everything was beautiful!

Sarah said...

A beautiful day to remember!

Vicki C said...

I LOVE this! What a BEAUTIFUL Wedding!

Anna said...

beautiful! sara looks like you :)