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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fiber Storage

Last week The Little Blue House focused on ribbon storage.  Since I had already organized all my ribbons, I decided to focus on my fibers which were out of hand.  Remember this mess?

This is what it looks like now.  I used the same box which is actually a paper mache trunk I received in a swap years ago.  It's slightly larger than the photo boxes I store my ribbon in.  I cut chipboard pieces 4" x 7" and wrapped the fibers around, staying in color families.  For the fibers I had a lot of, I wound several yards on the card and then placed the extras in a ziploc baggie.  This can be put away until I need more!  It's so satisfying to look into the box and see such order - and it's pretty too!

Several years ago I had bought this little ring bound "book" with small plastic baggies for fiber and thread storage.  (I can't remember what it was called or who made it.)  You can see that I've really outgrown it! In fact, I had to replace the rings with these much larger ones.  I think now that the "book"covers are superfluous and I'll just remove them.  Since these were all organized, I didn't redo them but they can hang near my fiber box so all will be together.  It's a great system, especially if you only have a small amount of fibers.


JMeaux said...

Hey Susan - great minds think alike! I don't have a paper mache box but bought a rectangular box about the same size as yours & cut dividers to fit & wrapping my fibers (by color family). Mine were in a big basket on a shelf in my bookcase & taking up way too much space. I know I'll love the condensed version! Yours looks wonderful!

Rhonda Merry said...

This looks so pretty. I love it. And doesn't it feel good to have it done, my favorite part the "AHHH" at the end of the job.

Scatter said...

There's the kick in the pants I needed. I started redoing my fibers too. You can see my system on my blog, with thanks going to you!

therese ercolani said...

Wow! you guys are good! I actually have 5 yes 5 photo storage boxes filled with fibers. Looks like I'll have to get on the bandwagon and start organizing too!!