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Thursday, February 3, 2011

More new products to be on the lookout for

These new punches are awesome. They go through metal like butter, making a tiny hole.  They were being sold alongside bottlecaps and accessories and they punch the caps beautifully (as opposed to a Crop-a-dile which has a hard time getting into the area to punch and scrunches the cap if you do manage to punch it).  These are great for all kinds of metal parts for jewelry.

 This is a new tape gun from Xyron. They designed it to fit a woman's hand and is lightweight.  It holds 100 feet of tape which comes in a cartridge (seen at left). For those of you who have been wanting an ATG gun but thought it too bulky and cumbersome, or those who can never thread the tape rolls, this is for you! It's even blue to coordinate with our Little Blue House!

These new border punches are from American Craft.  The green "boxes" are interchangeable borders which fit into the center of the border base.  The box also holds two small pieces that fit into the base on either side for matching up the design when punching.  The base comes with one punch and other borders are available separately.  Great idea if you lack storage space!

Plaid has come out with this great glue gun accessory kit.  It includes a nonstick mat, tweezers, a pencil-type holder and three finger protectors.  We obtained a few of the "fingers" this fall to try out in the studio and they are awesome!  We suggested they sell the fingers separately for those of us who need more than 3 and they did hint they are working on it.  In the meantime, this set is really reasonable and a must-have for your workspace.


Debra said...

Love the new punch for metal and the fingers. I definitely need a set!

DeeDee said...

I bought the hot glue punches as soon as I found a place toget them...I have been wanting them badly... and that little punch is awesome...well actually it is all awesome.. cannot wait.