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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beeswax Collage

It's been a long time since I've worked with beeswax and last week I had a chance to break it out again to play a bit.  I love working with beeswax - smells wonderful too.

I've been wanting to do a small collage of this photo of myself and my best friend (almost since birth) when we were about five years old.  Her father managed a summer lodge on the top of the mountain and their family stayed there during the summer. Every summer I went up there to stay with them for about a week and it was always cold. I love this photo because I am wearing pants - notice the front-crossed straps!  My mother never put me in pants when I was young except when I went to visit this friend!

This is a small 6" square canvas. I applied several different brown chalk inks to age the background, adhered pieces of sewing pattern tissue and then sanded, especially along the edges of the canvas.  I transferred a copy of the photo using a gel medium transfer and then applied a piece of napkin and the stamped title and lace and buttons with beeswax.  Not sure if I like the lace under beeswax - I might go back and remove it and then reapply a strip of lace over the beeswax.  What do you think?

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Linda Hahn said...

It's so pretty and I love your story!! I, too, love working with beeswax!! I think it might look better with the lace NOT in beeswax. I did a collage with little bits of tatting and waxed one piece with a very thin coat of wax and the other piece unwaxed. It was such a thin coat you could hardly tell the difference, but the unwaxed piece looked a little better on the collage. ( I tend to go beeswax crazy when I'm using it!) Hope you're enjoying your birthday weekend!!