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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google Reader News

Here's a bit of important news regarding Google Reader. They are shutting it down as of July 1, 2013! You can read the announcement on the Google Reader blog here.  What that means to those 122 special people who follow my blog via Google Reader, you will no longer receive my news feed and may lose my blog information. I don't want to lose you!!

I have been hearing lots of good reviews about Bloglovin (and there are many more readers out there if you want to research them). I just signed up for Bloglovin and am impressed at how easy it was. I just created an account (FREE) by filling in a few blanks and I was done.  I now have a link on the right side of my blog so that you can just click there to start following my blog with Bloglovin.

The best part of Bloglovin was they imported all the blogs I follow personally by my clicking one button! So very easy. And I like the default format the blog reads appear in - a long list with a photo and a portion of the beginning of the post. You can manage the format as well as how often you want it to be sent to you.

So, be forewarned, as of July 1st you will no longer receive any blog postings of any blogs you follow in Google Reader! Either research the many readers out there or go with Bloglovin. Whatever your choice, I hope you will continue to read and follow my blog!


DeeDee said...

hey howd you get that link?

Susan said...

Which link? I'd read this on several blogs, the latest of which was ScrapScenr

Sugar Lump Studios said...

It really is a shame to lose Google reader. Thanks for the link. I already have my site entered into an RSS feed - but Blogloving is another great option I will try out!