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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Documented Life Planner - Week 20

May Theme - Touchy Feely (Texture)
Week 20
Art Challenge: Modeling Paste
Journal Prompt: Rising to the Occasion

This week's spread underwent many transformations! I love using modeling paste for texture and had so many ideas I didn't know which way to go. First I used some paste and a stencil all over the background and sprayed it with Prima Color Bloom but didn't like it at all. 

Then I decided to spread modeling paste over the pages and then stamp into it and scratch marks into it. This was better, but I ran out of modeling paste and had to use up the dregs of two different kinds, one very old and somewhat dried out. (This is on the left side and is grainier.)

I sprayed inks, added gesso and went back and forth several times before I called it done. I added the checked border with paint and computer-generated the words. The images are some freebies from Traci Bautista. The corner designs are stenciled with new Graphite Texture Paste from Prima. I like how it adds a bit of sparkle.

Below are some close-ups to see the texture more clearly.

Ready for this coming week - received the prompts today.

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